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A Private Sail is a sailing experience for just you and your peeps (up to 6 of you), along with the captain/crew. You won’t be sailing with strangers, and you’ll have the entire yacht to yourselves! All sails are now Private Sails due to COVID-19.

You will board the sailing yacht, “Roux Stir” at West End.

She will be docked on the right hand side as you are approaching the Southern Yacht Club.  You will be texted a map a few hours before your sail.

Closest GPS address is 101 N. Roadway Dr.  New Orleans 70124.  This is actually the address for the NOLA Community Sailing Center.  We are on the other side of the parking lot from this location.  See the map.  Free parking can usually be found just a few steps from the boat.

Once onboard, we’ll sail on the southside of Lake Pontchartrain, which is Louisiana’s largest inland body of water, located less than 9 miles from the French Quarter.

Be comfortable! It’s often a little cooler on water than on land, so be mindful of that. Bare feet, sandals and/or tennis shoes are recommended. Please wear soft-soled, non-marking shoes. Leave your high heels, dress shoes and boots at home.

Sunglasses are a must! And bring your camera or phone to capture those moments!

Sunscreen and hats are great. We have seats under the canopy should you not wish to be in direct sunlight.

During the cooler months, warm layers and jackets are best. We have blankets and rain jackets onboard for guests to use when the weather gets chilly, rainy or if you just need a little extra comfort.

We offer complimentary drinks and light snacks onboard.

All sails include complimentary drinks and light snacks. Snacks include individualized packages of Zapp’s chips and popcorn.  Drinks include, local craft beer, white wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, including water.  You have the opportunity to add-on other options when booking.

Cold local craft beer and white wine are complimentary during your sail.   Champagne is offered for purchase ($20 per bottle).  We ask that you limit your drinks to what we have onboard.

If you must bring your own alcohol please do not bring any red wine or daiquiris.   We don’t serve red wine or anything that stains and we ask that you do not bring any either.   If it will stain your clothes, it will stain the white fiberglass on the boat.  We will not allow red wine, punch, or juices that stain to be brought onboard.

Outside food is allowed but limited.  Outside food must be finger food that doesn’t have to be cut up or peeled.  Any outside food should be easy to clean up, self contained,  and dishes should be disposable.  Please NO berries because it stains the white fiberglass.  Here is a good test:   If you would eat the food when riding in a convertible car on a bumpy road while wearing nice white clothing, it should be fine for the boat.  For birthdays, please refrain from bringing birthday cakes because it just isn’t the right fit.  Instead, please choose cupcakes, petit fours, or personal size cakes.

While you will not be able to connect your phone directly to the boat via Bluetooth or audio cable, you will have full control over the music selection as well as the volume.  You may choose to listen to the boat sailing through the water or you can “turn it up”.

As an alternative,  you may request a Sirius XM channel to be played which will provide you with just volume control.

(Read below if you want an excessive amount of details regarding the music/music system.)

You may sit anywhere on the boat and become the D.J.  You will use our mini iPad to control a subscription of Spotify premium.  This will allow you to easily select any artist, album, song, or playlist without any advertisements.  The volume is under your control.  You may also pause or skip songs from the ipad or one of the two conveniently mounted remotes.

Need music suggestions? Captain Doug has several playlists to choose from such as his version of Yacht Rock, Yacht R&B, Hip-Hop, and others.

You may create your own Spotify playlist prior to boarding, Captain Doug will ask you to share your playlist with him via text.  You will then be given full control over your playlist with no advertisements.

We only use Spotify. No other streaming service such as Apple Music or YouTube can be connected.

The system contains 8 exterior speakers and reaches high volume with clarity.  Whether it’s Frank Sinatra or Lil Wayne, the choice is yours.   You may play any music you like, at any volume you like, once we are on the lake.

Please understand, Captain Doug will control the volume and keep it down while departing or approaching the dock.  We do our best to not disturb any live music being played as well as respect those dining outside.

Whether you enjoy a little background music or you want to pretend you are in a night club, you are in for an audible treat.

Yes indeed! You’re sailing on a 13-ton yacht, which makes for an extremely stable and smooth ride. Enjoy sitting on the deck or hanging out under the canopy. Below the deck you will find a spacious seating lounge for your enjoyment.  A very clean and easy to use head (bathroom) can be found below.

Yes, kids of all ages are welcome when you book your group sail. And of course we provide comfortable life jackets for all passengers. U.S. Coast Guard requires all children under the age of 13 to wear a life jacket while underway unless they are below deck or in an enclosed cabin.

Captain Doug is a certified U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain with over 40 years of sailing experience on Lake Pontchartrain.  All proper safety equipment per the U.S. Coast Guard requirements are onboard. In addition to the safety equipment required, we also have comfortable life jackets if you would like to wear one. Children under the age of 13 are required by state law to wear life jackets while underway.

FYI: Lake Pontchartrain has an average water depth of only 14 feet.

If you’re prone to motion sickness, there are products you can purchase at most convenience stores that will help. If you suddenly become seasick while underway, we offer some natural remedies that may help.  Please let the captain know.

All sails are now private and contact-free.  Your small party, plus the captain and sometimes a first mate, when needed.

  1. The points of contact within our boat cockpit and interior are sprayed with CDC approved disinfectant, and wiped down thoroughly before and after every sail.
  2. We have fresh water available in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  We encourage our customers along with staff to wash their hands with soap.
  3. We have hand sanitizer available and ready for use by customers and staff.
  4. We do not have a dishwasher on board to ensure the high heat sterilization of our reusable glassware (corkcicles).  Therefore, for now, beverages will be served in disposable drinkware or aluminum cans.


Update March 2, 2022:

The city discontinued the mask mandate indoors at most public facilities for those that are vaccinated.  Therefore, a mask is no longer required if you are vaccinated.   Captain and crew are fully vaccinated for Covid-19.  We want all of our customers to be comfortable. Therefore, the Captain and crew will wear a mask if requested to do so. At this time, we aren’t asking guests for proof of vaccination.

If the wind is light, we will motor sail. You can move around the boat freely in these conditions, taking it all in. We cruise regardless of the wind conditions, as long as it is safe to do so.

In New Orleans especially during the summer months, rain and thunderstorms are isolated and usually short lived. However, if it’s an actual weather system with potentially unsafe conditions, the captain will cancel at his discretion, and reschedules or refunds will be provided. You are protected by our Worry-Free Weather Guarantee.

At this time, you will need to be able to climb steps to come aboard.

Our yacht carries the status of a “recreational vessel”.   This means the U.S. Coast Guard mandates we have six passengers or less, not including the crew. Children of all ages must be counted.

There are locations on the boat deck where you can smoke.  Captain Doug will help identify the best location for you to smoke for the comfort of all others onboard. Smoking is not permitted below the deck at anytime.

When you book, you are reserving the entire boat and no one else can book any type of sailing experience during that time.  Therefore, we require a minimum of 7 days notice for a 100% refund on private sails.

Yes!  Whether you are popping the question, celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or planning a unique family adventure we can customize any sail to make it an experience to remember.  Simply give us a call at 504.910.7245 (910-SAIL) or email us

The greatest gift you can give is an honest review on Google, Trip Advisor (Viator), or AirBnB Experiences.

However, many customers do extend gratuities. Gratuities can be given at the end of your experience in cash, Venmo (@Captain-Doug), or CASHAPP ($neworleansyacht)  Venmo will ask for the last 4 digits of phone number.  Please use 4202.   Gratuities are always greatly appreciated and shared with the team.