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Why we are the perfect COVID outing for your intimate group?

  1. All sails are now private and contact-free.  Your small party, plus the captain and sometimes a first mate, when needed.
  2. Our team wears a mask when passengers are nearby for your protection.
  3. The points of contact within our boat cockpit and interior are sprayed with CDC approved disinfectant, and wiped down thoroughly before and after every sail.
  4. We have fresh water available in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  We encourage our customers along with staff to wash their hands with soap.
  5. We have hand sanitizer available and ready for use by customers and staff.
  6. We do not have a dishwasher on board to ensure the high heat sterilization of our reusable glassware (corkcicles).  Therefore, for now, beverages will be served in disposable drinkware or aluminum cans.
  7. We are outside in the breeze.  There is no place safer.

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