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Worry-Free Weather Guarantee 

Bad weather?  No worries!  If Captain Doug determines conditions are not safe for sailing when it’s time for your yacht experience, you will have the option to reschedule your sail or receive a full refund. We only sail if we believe it will be enjoyable for everyone on board.


What’s the weather typically like? 



How do I dress for my sailing experience?

During the cooler months, warm jackets and layers are best! We have blankets and rain jackets onboard for guests to use when the weather gets chilly, rainy or if you just need a little extra comfort.

Be comfortable! It’s often a little cooler on water than on land, so be mindful of that. Bare feet, sandals and/or tennis shoes are recommended. Please wear soft-soled, non-marking shoes. Leave your high heels, dress shoes and boots at home.

What happens if the weather sucks?

In New Orleans especially during the summer months, rain and thunderstorms are isolated and usually short lived. However, if it’s an actual weather system with potentially unsafe conditions, the captain will cancel at his discretion, and reschedules or refunds will be provided.

If the wind is light, we will motor sail. You can move around the boat freely in these conditions, taking it all in. We cruise regardless of the wind conditions, as long as it is safe to do so.

When it’s chilly outside, dress appropriately for maximum enjoyment!



Summer weddings mean summer bachelorette gatherings!





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It’s not weather but …….What About COVID?

All sails are now private and contact-free.  Your small party, plus the captain and sometimes a first mate, when needed.

  1. The points of contact within our boat cockpit and interior are sprayed with CDC approved disinfectant, and wiped down thoroughly before and after every sail.
  2. We have fresh water available in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  We encourage our customers along with staff to wash their hands with soap.
  3. We have hand sanitizer available and ready for use by customers and staff.

We do not have a dishwasher on board to ensure the high heat sterilization of our reusable glassware (corkcicles).  Therefore, for now, beverages will be served in disposable drinkware or aluminum cans.


Update 10/30/21:  

The mask mandate was discontinued on Oct. 30, 2021.

Captain Doug & all First Mates have been vaccinated for Covid-19.  This is a private experience and we want you and all of your guests to be comfortable.  Our team will wear a mask in the cabin upon request. 

Captain Doug holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain’s License. He has over 40 years of sailing experience. He has been cruising and racing sailboats throughout the US as well as the Caribbean since he was 7 years old. Doug loves sharing the experience of sailing with others. His goal is to make sure his passengers are safe and have an amazing experience they’ll never forget. “When I’m on the water, I’m in my element. I’m at home.”







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