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Ellen & Jamie from D.C.

Captain Doug and his lovely wife Rena greeted my family and I aboard with grace and enthusiasm. Tasty snacks and drinks were offered immediately, setting the tone for what was to become an unforgettable first time experience for my whole family, which included our precocious 4 year old, his 70 year old Grandma, and my husband. Needless to say, our experience on their yacht was a relaxing ride for the whole family. The yacht itself is a beautiful piece of work; my husband noting the fine details found within. There were others onboard but it did not feel cramped at all, with plenty of space and seating to enjoy the Lake views. Our hosts were engaging and looked after our needs in the short time we spent aboard. Thank you Captain Doug and Ms. Rena for sharing your yacht with my family! I’d take a ride on the yacht again in a heartbeat.