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Roux Stir Sails – The 2nd Adventure

Jan 20 (Day 45) -Home in NOLA


We left NOLA on Dec 7, 2020 in search of warm blue water!

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Dec 7 – Doug, John, and Mimi leave NOLA on ROUX STIR and arrive in Biloxi @ 4:45pm (museum dock)

Dec 8 – Arrived Gulf Shores @ 5pm. (Lulu Marina)

Dec 9 – Arrived in Destin @3:30pm (harbor walk marina) & Charles & Shay move onto Roux Stir

Dec 13 – Arrived in Clearwater @ 11:30pm after a 40hr sail from a Destin 20 (Clearwater Beach Marina)

Dec 14 – Plans to leave for Fort Myers Beach on Monday, 2:30pm EST after this front passes at 2:30pm.

Dec 15 – Change plans due to water depth & wind on the nose….off to Naples-11am arrival
Dec 15 – Left NSYC @ 4:45pm

Dec 16 @ 7:30AM arrival in Key West (A&B Marina)
Dec 18  -Chad lands in Key West and moves onto ROUX STIR

Dec 19 – We  left Key West approx 10am & arrived in Marathon @ 5:15pm (Marathon Marina Fuel Dock

Dec 20 -Spent the day in Marathon at anchor and left at 5pm for Miami.

Dec 21  – Arrived in Miami at sunrise (Dinner Key Marina mooring balls)

Dec 22  – Rena, Frances,& Francesca arrive in Miami and Charles, Chad, and John say goodbye and fly back home.

Dec 23 -Mimi and Shay fly back home.

Dec 23 – Rena, Francesca, and Frances move on ROUX STIR

Dec 24 – Doug, Rena, Francesca & Frances sail away from Miami in the bay down to Pumpkin  Key.  Anchored at Pumpkin key for Christmas Eve.

Dec 25 – Pumpkin Key to Dinner Key Marina in Miami.

Dec 26 – Walked around Coconut Grove and took a nice sunset sail.

Dec 27 – Left Dinner Key Marina (Miami/Coconut Grove) at 4am for Marathon (Total Distance – 94 miles).

Dec 28-Dec 31 –  At slip in Marathon Marina

Jan 1 – Left Marathon at 9:15AM to go to Key West (A&B Marina)

Jan 5 – Rena, Francesca, and Frances fly back to NOLA.  
Doug moves into harbor and drops anchor.

Jan 6 – Jef moves on Roux Stir

Jan 10 – Doug & Jef leave Key West at 8pm (after the Saints game) and arrive @ Clearwater Beach Marina (slip) at 6am on Jan 12 (220 mi1les in 34hrs (lost 3hrs for maintenance).

Jan 12-17 – Slip at Clearwater Beach Marina

Jan 17 -left Key West at 9pm for NOLA   (432 miles / estimate of 70-72hrs)

Jan 20 – Day 45 on Roux Stir for Doug.  Jef & Doug Arrive in NOLA!





Santa came down the hatch but no front teeth.


Sunrise over the Atlantic sailing from Miami to Marathon


Happy New Year from the Roux Stir crew!
20kts on  a broad reach = 10.7kts boat speed.  42 miles from Marathon to Key West. Average speed was over 9kts. Flying!

Blue Water (Isla Morada on the Atlantic side)

HO HO the sailing dog

Jef clears the prop

Lunch done right