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Sailing on Roux Stir takes the anxiety away.

Sailing with New Orleans Yacht Experience on “Roux Stir” is not like sailing on a smaller boat when you were younger or sailing on that catamaran during your vacation. Roux Stir is a Beneteau Oceanis 473. It is designed for long distance cruising and sailing across the blue water ocean. Roux Stir’s weight is 12 tons which indicates STABILITY. Those scared of sailing on most boats will feel comfortable when sailing on Roux Stir. This boat performs wonderfully when the wind kicks up.

2 Replies to “Sailing on Roux Stir takes the anxiety away.”

  1. I agree. It’s one of the most stable boats I have ever been on. They use them for charter boats in the Islands because they are stable, tough, and easy to control

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